KJHK Executive Staff Application

KJHK Executive Staff position descriptions and responsibilities are available here.

Please be thorough...only complete applications will be accepted. Thanks for applying to KJHK!
  • Thank you for applying to a leadership position at KJHK. Please complete the form below by 5pm on Friday, March 27, 2015.

    OTHER REQUIREMENTS: All KJHK Executive Staff are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 points and be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 6 hours of coursework during each Spring and Fall semester. Failure to meet these benchmarks may result in the dismissal of the Executive Staff member in question. The General Manager will determine eligibility and will take the proper course of action when these benchmarks are not met.
    Check all that apply. Additional Assistant Director positions may be created based on need and strength of applicants, but limited positions are listed here. If you are interested in being considered for an assistant position, please check the position which you hope to assist and specify in the written section that you are seeking an assistant position. If you have questions about which positions you should apply for, feel free to email or
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    Check all that apply
  • Include all staff positions, on-air and otherwise if you have participated in KJHK before. If not, no problem, just type "New to KJHK" in the field above!
    All successful applicants are required to attend a monthly meeting during fall and spring semesters. Are you prepared to organize your work and school schedules in order to attend KJHK All-Staff meetings? Fall and Spring required meetings are currently scheduled to occur on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm in the Kansas Union.
    Each KJHK director will be required to maintain 3-6 office hours per week depending on position, and certain staffs have meetings according to a schedule and recurrence determined by the members of that particular staff. Will you be flexible, maintain weekly office hours, and attend all meetings of your respective staff(s) where applicable?
    Meeting times will be determined based on the schedules and availability of all Exec Staff members.
    To be a part of KJHK, no matter what staff you're on, you must know and abide by the rules and regulations KJHK sets forth. This is vital to the station's continued existence! Please review the KJHK Handbook, available at in the "About KJHK" section of the site. Violation of station rules may result in suspension or termination.
    All KJHK employees must respect the station by maintaining its cleanliness. This includes picking up trash, refiling music, and generally maintaining a neat and efficient work environment. Do you agree to keep KJHK a clean, professional environment every time you are at KJHK?
  • By electronically 'signing' your name above, you agree (1) to work within the spirit and framework of the KJHK Constitution as presented in the KJHK Handbook, (2) to perform the duties required of the position to which you are hired, and (3) that you will abide by the KJHK Participation Contract, also found within the KJHK Handbook. Intention misrepresentation of facts on this application - or any other breach of this agreement - will constitute grounds for suspension or termination from KJHK.
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