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KJHK Freeform Schedule Tutorial

To make Freeform Signup easier, KJHK’s moving away from the paper log sheet – it gets messy, lost, or worse – and so we’re moving to an online booking system for Freeform time.  Follow the steps below and you’ll see how easy it is to book your own Freeform time!  Read the instructions below, click the images to expand into screen shots, and get ready to streamline!

Step 1:  Login.  Either through the DJ Portal Login or through http://kjhk.org/web/wp-admin/ , access the login screen.  Enter your login and password.  DON’T CLOSE THE WINDOW AFTER LOGGING IN.  You need to get to the Dashboard for the next step.

Logging In








Step 2:  Depending on your login process and your computer, you may need to “maximize” your browser window to see everything.  In the WordPress Dashboard, look for a new menu tab on the bottom left of the dashboard that says “Bookings.”  Click to expand that menu.

Dashboard with Booking Menu Tab Collapsed

Dashboard with Booking Menu Tab Expanded








Step 3:  Under the “Bookings” Menu Tab, Click the link that says “Bookings Calendar.”  You’ll see a calendar displaying multiple months, as well as a legend and the current week’s reservations of rooms at KJHK.  Notice in the example below that we’re already set for Winter Freeform, and that the Main Studio is blacked out – that’s because at the time this tutorial was written we’re in regular programming and Freeform Signup was not available.

Initial Bookings Calendar View of Whatever Week You're Currently In









Step 4:  Anyway, since you know what dates Freeform does occur, using the mini calendar at the top of the page, click on the date of Freeform you’d like to sign up for.  You’ll get taken to that week’s dates and room availabilities.  You’ll see KJHK’s Main Studio is listed first, which is what you need to reserve for Freeform – NOT the Production Rooms.  Look at the dates and times available that fit your schedule.  Open dates and times are white.  Times that have been booked by others are in light blue.  Times you’ve booked for yourself would be in dark blue, and blocked out times are in red. To make a reservation for yourself for Freeform, click on the STARTING HOUR on the STARTING DATE you’d like to commit yourself to in the row and columns marked “KJHK Main Studio – Freeform.”  The starting hour/date I moused over shows up green in the image below.

Bookings Calendar View of the Week You Wish To Reserve Time For









Step 5: Once you click on your starting day/time, a window will pop up.  Notice your starting time is already on your reservation.  What you need to do is tell the system when your Freeform shift will END for this particular signup.  When you’ve dragged and selected your ending time, click the “Save” button.  The small window will refresh and alert you to your signup status.  If confirmed, you can close the popup window.  You’ll see your new reservation confirmed on the Bookings Calendar in dark blue!  KJHK Programming and other Execs will see that you’ve signed up, and you’re good to go!  IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE/CANCEL YOUR SIGNUP, CLICK THE DARK BLUE BOX OF TIME YOU RESERVED, CHECK THE “DELETE” BOX IN THE POPUP THAT APPEARS, AND CLICK “SAVE” AGAIN.  Your signup will be deleted from record.

Select Your Ending Time, then Hit "Save" Button at Bottom Left of Popup

Confirmation Screen Appears. If Confirmed, Close the Popup

Your New Reservation Confirmed by the Dark Blue Band Over Selected Times










Other Stuff:  You can browse the Bookings List to see who else is booking time (good to know in case you want to contact them to trade, etc.), search bookings, and more.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge








That’s it!  We will also use this system for Production Room reservations and more, but you get the Freeform gist!  Email generalmanager@kjhk.org if you’ve got questions or issues!