KJHK Staff Directory


Station Manager: Jack Bugée

Email: stationmanager@kjhk.org

Hey, I’m Jack! As the Station Manager at KJHK, I oversee our Executive Staff and the station as a whole. I organize meetings and handle administrative tasks in the inner workings of the station. My main goal is to ensure that anyone can find a place at KJHK and to encourage all the incredibly creative work we do here.

Communications Director: Abbey Todd
Email: communications@kjhk.org


Hi! I’m Abbey and I am the Communications Director for KJHK. I oversee our communications team which includes Events & Engagement, Development, and Creative. I am in charge of our social media, trade contracts, and overall marketing for the wonderful radio station I like to call home. My personal passions are movies, board games, and concert photography. Feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions you may have!

Program Director: Gracie Hughes
Email: programming@kjhk.org


As Programming Director of KJHK, I oversee all broadcasting and those who are broadcasting it. I also am in charge of the programming schedule, the day-to-day management of the DJ Staff, and co-manage the on-air music rotation blocks along with the Music Directors and Music Staffers.

Content Director: Clara Ketchell
Email: content@kjhk.org


Hi! I’m Clara Ketchell, and I’m the Content Director! The Content Director is responsible for overseeing all content creation, including audio, video, and written works. I lead the content staff, a group of volunteers interested in developing, creating, and editing content for the station. A little about me, I’m a Political Science and Sociology double major and a Lawrence townie. In my free time, I enjoy photography, cooking, and alternative 90s sounds. 

If you’re interested in joining content staff, or have any inquiries for me, feel free to email me at the address above!

Broadcast Engineer: Alexis Vielma 
Email: it@kjhk.org


 Works with the audio equipment at KJHK to make sure that we are staying up-to-date and on the air. This position also oversees the backend of the KJHK website, the KJHK app, and  organizational forms and documents for the station.

Music Director – FM: Ali Madden
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: musicfm@kjhk.org


As Music Director, I work to scope out new music for the stations I listen to all of the music that gets sent to KJHK from local music artists to record labels. I especially like to find new music by going out to local music shows. Working with these people helps me to cultivate the “KJHK  Sound”. I work with and oversee KJHK’s Music Staff who helps me sort through all the new music; as well as getting them connected to the local music scene and helping to discover new music, bands, artists. But most importantly helping staffers produce music reviews, write articles, and any music-related content for KJHK that they feel proud of and simultaneously work to support local music.

Music Director – Label and Artist Relations: Betsey Lewis
Phone: 785-864-5483
Email: submitmusic@kjhk.org


As one of KJHK’s music directors, I work alongside Ali Madden and Gracie Hughes to curate our station’s sound. Keeping a special ear open for fresh, emerging artists, we sift through the music sent to us by promoters, labels, and independent groups. Additionally, Ali and I oversee volunteers in Music Staff whose job is to listen to and review new music, as well as stay up-to-date with the local music scene.

In-Studios Director: Jackson Goodrich

Email: multimedia@kjhk.org

I direct a staff of ultra-talented people that film video and record audio in studio 366 to produce and broadcast live sessions of local and touring musicians!

Sports Director: Federico Moreno


I manage the sports staff which entails all our game transmissions and coverage. My goal is to improve the skills necessary for our broadcasters to excel in a career after KJHK along with creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to build camaraderie within the staff through our weekly meetings. I strive to become as accessible as possible to my colleagues and people. Biggest Miami Heat fan you’ll ever meet.

Web Content Editor: Tyler Burkett

As Web Content Editor here at KJHK, I write and edit content, alongside our talented content staff, that covers a wide range of topics, experiences, and events. If there’s a content dream you want help getting started or edited, I can help make that dream become a reality!

Audio Content Editor: Kacie Fuller
Email: audiocontent@kjhk.org


I work with the development director and creative teams to make the promotional spots you hear on air for businesses, student organizations, and KU affiliates. I also help manage the podcasts KJHK produces, if you have questions or need help creating something under KJHK, feel free to contact me!

Video Content Editor: Brandon Luck
Email: videocontent@kjhk.org


Brandon Luck is a senior FMS student at KU. His main interest in film and mission in KJHK is to showcase the unique musical talents of Lawrence, Kansas City, and beyond.

Events & Engagement Director: Caroline Blanke
Email: engagement@kjhk.org


As the Events and Engagement Director, I’m the invisible hand behind growing KJHK’s reach and experience. My focus specifically is in planning our wide-scale concerts like Battle of the Beats, that features local DJ’s and Farmer’s Ball, which highlights various local Lawrence artists and bands. I’m also in charge of our Membership Drive, which is a donation focused event. My staff, Street Team, is the promotional force that spreads the word about our events through flyering and tables at local or national shows. My goal this year is to expand the stations reach within the community through more volunteer events across Lawrence and seeping into the cracks of places on campus that student’s don’t hear about us much! I want to make sure that everyone who has a passion for music, broadcast, sports, and concerts alike find a home at KJHK, regardless of their major and make the station more representative to those on campus. If you have anything you’d love to collaborate on, please reach out!


Development Director: Beth Davis
Email: underwriting@kjhk.org

As Development Director, I am the person you will reach out to if you are interested in promoting your business (group, non-profit, student organization, event, etc.) on KJHK through on-air spots, flyering, or social media posts! Please reach out if you are interested in supporting KJHK while promoting what you are a part of.

Creative Director: Emma Curran
Email: creative@kjhk.org  


I work to design creative printed and digital media to publicize the station. I design content like our semester programming posters and other fun swag for people to have. Come by the station or any of our events to grab yourself something!

General Manager: Bobbi Washechek
Email: generalmanager@kjhk.org  


Still got questions, or don’t see what you’re looking for? Looking to talk to someone at the station when classes aren’t in session? Contact me if you’ve got additional questions, feedback, or ideas for KJHK’s content.