Brown Bird in-studio


 The folk rock duo flew in Nov. 9 to record at the KJHK studios. 

Your weekly music review


Each week, KJHK’s Music Direct Zack Marsh will pick out the best of best from KJHK’s new music rotation.

O Giant Man performs live


The band jammed out for an entire 20 minutes…LIVE!

Delta Saints jam out


The band stopped by the studio last week to record a few of their favorite songs. 

Quiet Corral stops by the studio


Isaac Flynn and Jesse Roberts talk music, touring and more.

Spencer Museum hosts student night

Conversation XII: Crafting Continuities

This Thursday night at the Spencer Museum of Art, the Spencer Student Advisory board is hosting their Fall night from 6:30-8pm.

Andrew Frederick performs at KJHK

Andrew Frederick

Andrew Frederick, currently of the band Oils, performed recently at the KJHK studios.

Wonderfair is back!

Wonder Fair

After a brief hiatus as Wonder Fair changed owners, the downtown Lawrence gallery is back.

Garth Myers discusses city riots

Garth Myers

What causes city dwellers to riot? Trinity College distinguished professor of urban international studies Garth Myers visited the University of Kansas to discuss this topic last week.

Hospital Ships in-studio


KJHK knows you’ve been eager to listen, so check out all songs the band recorded for us…NOW!