Hail to the King


Alabama looked beatable on Saturday, until they showed the world why they’ve been the top dog all along.

Clear As Mud


The BCS picture remains hazy. Let’s make predictions anyway!

Gridiron Gesticulations Week 4: With Apologies to FSU and Ryan Lochte


By John Griffin I Was Wrong Let me begin by addressing my criticism of Florida State a few weeks ago. While I never said FSU was a bad team, I felt they hadn’t earned their high pre-season ranking. They certainly proved me wrong in an exhilarating 49-37 win over Clemson, but my problem lies more with the system that anointed FSU than I do with the team itself. I consider preseason rankings to be one of the dumbest things in sports, a close 3rd behind Jerry Jones and Ryan Lochte. It’s a system based entirely on hype and speculation when no football has actually been played. The worst part? It can seriously affect how a…

” Phog Nation” 11.3 Archive

Phog Nation (3)

Here is what you missed on this week’s episode of Phog Nation.