Daft Punk’s Confusing RAM


A Closer Look; Humans Won.

KJHK Smashes KAB Record


The station dominated this year’s Kansas Association of Broadcasters awards, winning an unprecedented 20 awards this year.

Top 21 Electronic Tracks 2012

Input/Output’s annual list of top jams.

Dan Deacon Concert Review

2012-11-02 23.41.03

Creative electronic artist human-tunnels his way into the hearts of Granada patrons.

The Music of ‘The Caretaker’


If there was a tear in the fabric of the universe just for you.

Wild Nothing: Nocturne

Wild Nothing - Nocturne

Jack Tatum graduated from college and he’s back on his sophomore effort.

Bear in Heaven: “I Love You, It’s Cool”


Synth-driven dance music.

Top 21 Electronic Tracks


Input/Output DJ gives us his top 21 electronic songs of 2011.

Atlas Sound: “Parallax”


Not familiar with Atlas Sound? Listen to this album and your soul will thank you!

“Dubstep” vs. Dubstep

What Dubstep should remind you of.

“Dubstep’s” horrible descent away from darkness.