” PJ 2 CJ” Episode 16


  Lawrence’s finest will discuss the recent success of Kansas basketball, choose their sleeper teams for the NCAA Tournament and discuss what a possible Deron Williams trade to the Mavs would mean.    

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Here is what you missed on the latest episode of Phog Nation.

PJ 2 CJ Blog


In this week’s blog, Pat Strathman (PJ) and CJ Matson dish out their current top 5 teams in the NBA.

“PJ 2 CJ” Episode 10


    After a long break, PJ 2 CJ returns for episode 10. The guys preview the NFL playoffs, discuss KU basketball, Big 12 basketball, and the NBA.

“PJ 2 CJ” Episode 9


The boys join up for the 9th episode of “PJ 2 CJ.” Pat Strathman and CJ Matson break down the latest in KU coaching talks, the recent contest against Long Beach State and the NFL playoffs.

“PJ 2 CJ” Episode 8


  After the Thanksgiving break, the boys return for the 8th episode of the year. Pat Strathman and CJ Matson discuss the head coaching vacancy at KU, the problems with the KU men’s basketball team and the latest in NBA trade talks.

“PJ 2 CJ” Episode #6


This week on PJ 2 CJ, the boys talk about coaches Turner Gill and Joe Paterno, NFL power rankings and Kansas Basketball.

” PJ 2 CJ” Episode #5


  In this episode of PJ 2 CJ, the boys talk about KU-Iowa State football, Phillip Rivers and KU basketball.

“PJ 2 CJ” Episode #4


Pat and CJ discuss KU-Texas football, NFL playoffs and their top five basketball teams in the NCAA in this episode.

“PJ 2 CJ” Podcast Episode #2


After their debut last week, Pat Strathman and CJ Matson return for episode two. The guys talk about Turner Gill, NFL power rankings, and KU basketball preview