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Canadian artist Bahamas performed three acoustic songs and gave an interview November 8th. 

The Kickback

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Chicago band The Kickback visited KJHK October 30th and performed four songs.

Karma Vision

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Local Psychedelic rock group Karma Vision visited KJHK October 29th and performed six songs.


Screen shot 2012-11-08 at 11.32.38 AM

New York band Oberhofer performed five songs at KJHK on November 3rd. Including unreleased track Earplugs.

Radar Defender

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Radar Defender performed five songs on October 22nd to promote their new album that came out that same day. Set List 1. Moon 2. Simian Rock 3. Harmonium 4. Icarus 5. Escape and Re-Entry     Check out more in-studios from Live @ KJHK by subscribing to our YouTube Channel: KJHKLive from michael engelken originally aired sunday october 22nd , 2012

Common Labor

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Common Labor performed two songs on Friday the 19th. 1. Lights on, Mic on 2. Burn Down the Old School

Silver Snakes

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Los Angeles band Silver Snakes visited KJHK October 15th and performed four songs.

So Percussion

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So Percussion visited KJHK October 17th before their Lied Center performance the following day.

Pale Hearts

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Pale Hearts performed on Plow The Fields October 16th in anticipation for KJHK’s Extravagant Trash show October 19th.

Ebony Tusks in-studio

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Local rapper Ebony Tusks performed six songs on Plow The Fields October 9th.