Unpersons by The Pack A.D.

Pack A.D. is a Vancouver duo that claims to be a bit harder than they sound, but they’re not to be written off.  Sadly, my favorite track, “Seasick,” is a do-not-play.  The general sound of Unpersons is touch, gritty and eerie, but some lyrics seem a little … obvious?  That said, I really enjoyed listening to most of the album.  They may be reaching but Becky Black’s vocals sound similar to Karen O and Jack White.  Although, on some track, Black might be holding back on her vocal.

Reviewed by:  Krista Jobst on Aug. 29

RIYL:   Less-talented Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other rock music along those lines

Recommended tracks:  13, 12, 10, 7, 2

FCC warning:  4, 5, 6

Label:  Mint Records

Release Date:  Sept. 20, 2011