Plow the Fields – Your source for local music

A guide to one of our oldest special programs.

Plow the Fields is a weekly local music showcase, highlighting artists from the Lawrence, Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Exploring genres across the board, Plow the Fields strives to promote the best of what local musicians have to offer while fostering community support for the local music scene. Tune in every Tuesday night from 9 to 10 p.m. for your taste of local music, regular live in-studio performances and interviews with the artists in your own back yard. It’s only on your local sound alternative, KJHK.

And! Here at KJHK and Plow the Fields,  we are always looking for new music by local artists. If you or anyone you know are in a local act and would be interested in getting your music on KJHK, just head over here or email me at  You can also reach me at this email address to schedule in-studio appearances on Plow the Fields. We’re more than happy to help put your music on-air, you just have to send it to us first.

— Nick Michael