VHS or Beta: Diamonds and Death

Dancey indie-electronic.
Are you ready to hit the dance floor this fall? Well VHS or Beta is back with another electronically infused indie rock album full of 80’s inspired disco/soul and funk called Diamonds and Death. Reverbed lyrics and vintage synths are the name of the game on this duo’s fourth release due out to stores on Sept. 27. These guys style of electro jams are happier than Crystal Castles, slightly less psychedelic than Neon Indian, and not as hard-hitting as Justice but seem to find a happy medium without creating boring pop songs.

Reviewed by Zack Marsh Sept 21, 2011

RIYL: J+J+J, Crystal Castles, Chromeo

Recommended tracks: 4, 6, 9, 7, 1

Label: Krian Music Group