Farmer’s Ball 2011

The winner of KJHK’s 2011 Farmer’s Ball is…

First Place: Panda Circus

Second Place: The Phantom and The Phantastics

Third Place: Fire In The Churchyard


Thanks for all our submissions! The candidates were …




KJHK’s annual battle of the bands was back, with this year’s melee happening Oct. 13-15 at the Jackpot Music Hall!


We started the marathon off with a pre-party featuring last year’s Farmer’s Ball winners, The Will Nots, plus Hospital Ships and Nezbeat on Thursday, Oct. 13.  Then, the real fun began …


The eight contestant acts played in a rapid-fire preliminary round Friday, Oct. 14.  The top four vote-getters on that night competed for the title in the final round Saturday, Oct. 15, and winners received some fantastic prizes!




So, what were some of these fantastic prizes!?

First Place: Gets a recording package from The Musicians Network

Second Place: Gets merch pressed up by Blue Collar

Third Place: Gets a feature on KJHK