Vintage Vinyl: A guide

The show’s host explains the format and previews Wednesday’s playlist.

By Emily Scholle

Vintage Vinyl has been airborne since June 12. The gimmick is simple: I play old records. Hence the name. That being said, my music generally ranges between 1950-1987, with a stronger emphasis on the ‘50s and ‘60s.

One might ask why the focus on old music, especially when music just now coming out is chock-full of technological advances and cool effects such as auto-tune. My best answer is that older music just has … something about it. Not anything I can put my finger on, just a certain feel and sound to it that can’t be replicated now. Besides, these are the years when music was finally going outside of the box a little bit. With the 1950s came Rock and Roll, Doo-Wop, Rockabilly. We see Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis. Innovations continue to be made and in the 1960s we have soul, girl groups, Phil Spector, Motown, the British Invasion, the Beatles. This is when it all started branching out. A musical revolution! These, I believe, are the best years of music that have ever come about. And I hold these records dear to my heart, and am trying to do my best to introduce them to the young folks, and reintroduce them to those who remember.

Each week I try to think up some sort of theme for my music. For past shows I’ve focused on, for instance, just the music of the 1950s. Other weeks I’ve looked at just the 1960s. I recently did a show that looked at female singers of the 50s-70s and on one particularly quiet night, I did my best to get things loud with really awful disco and hits of the 1980s. Every couple weeks I play through funk and soul records, which is always one of my favorites.

What does this week’s show have in store? Good question.

This week, I want to get rowdy. It’s the week before a well-earned fall break, and I’m going to be playing an especially exuberant set. I like to keep things semi-chronological, so I’ll start out with the 1960s. Now, don’t be expecting the usual quiet, contemplative ditties I tend to prefer, because we’re going for some volume here. The British are especially good for that, so be anticipating some early Beatles, the Kinks, the Dave Clark Five, and such. From there I’ll be going toward the 1970s with more super happy funk and disco jams. Good thing I found Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” on 45 the other day. No matter what, this show will be a celebration, something to keep everyone going midweek when the weekend seems just … a bit … too … far.

Tune in this Wednesday from 10 p.m. to midnight. I will be gracing the airwaves once again, and would love to have you listen.