E-Nova on Hip-Hop-Hype

Eyad Gharaibeh stopped by the studio Saturday night.

E-Nova free styled live on Hip-Hop-Hype Saturday (10/22/11) from 10 p.m.-12 a.m. and talked about his experiences as an artist. 

“Eyad Gharaibeh, also called E-Nova has been free styling ever since he discovered his secret talent.  Inspired by his favorite MC, AZ, and his favorite producer, Kanye West, E-Nova can layer any beat with his articulate rhymes using allegories, alliteration, metaphors all in one. Whether he rhymes about partying, his school sprit, or his opinion on the world’s current affairs, every piece of literature he writes or spits on spontaneous thought are nothing but insightful and innovative.  From my personal experience, none of his free style sessions I’ve witnessed has disappointed any peers, strangers, or myself.  So I realized it is absolutely necessary to share E-Nova’s wisdom with KJHK and the rest of the world.  On this Saturday’s Hip-Hop Hype, K-Fan and E-Nova will bring the art or hip-hop and free styling to its deepest roots.  They will show everyone that as college students, it is possible for to be creative while having fun without forgetting to be politically conscious.  So if you are fan of wisdom over violence and beats over rhymes, please tune in this Saturday and enjoy the power of hip-hop and the power of words together as a unit.”

-K Fan