The British are coming!

It’s a U.K. take over on Vintage Vinyl.

While trying to come up with a theme for next week’s show, I googled “What happened on October 26” to get some ideas. And what an idea I had!

So it ends up that on this day in 1965, The Beatles were made members of the “Order of the British Empire.” Perfect! And here I’d been thinking it was about time to inject some more British music into the airwaves.

As such, my next show on Vintage Vinyl is going to take an exclusive look at the music of the Beatles. This is a very dear subject to me seeing that the Beatles are the exact reason I got so into music of the 1960s. As a birthday gift when I was 14, one of my sisters bought me a CD of “Please Please Me,” one of the absolute earliest albums by the Beatles. I was hooked. From there I eventually acquired most of their albums on CD, though it’s harder to find them on vinyl than one would think.

Anyhow, this week’s show promises to bring some British humor. Or humour, rather. I suppose I should be spelling everything in the English fashion, eh? I’ll be playing my favorite hits by the Beatles, we’ll listen to some interview clips from their early days, and to keep things interesting I’ll intersperse the show with other British Invasion acts like The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Chad and Jeremy, Peter and Gordon, Petula Clark, Freddie and the Dreamers, and more.

So! Go dig up your moptop wig and clear the furniture in the living room so you can dance. I’ll bring the noise, you bring your dancing shoes. Tune in this Wednesday night from 10 to midnight for another installment of Vintage Vinyl, the British rewind.


by emily scholle

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