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V/A: “Eccentric Soul: The Nickel and Penny Labels”

Stunning release of ’60s and ’70s Chicago soul.

Yet another amazing release by Numero that showcases 60‘s and 70‘s Chicago funk and soul from the mind of Richard Pegue. Pegue was a DJ that strolled around Chicago’s music scene, mainly growing up in time of Doo-wop. He put his hat into almost every aspect of Chicago music; he was writer, musician, DJ, producer, etc. This collection demonstrates the working music-view of Pegue, who unfortunately died during the time Numero and him were working on the project. But this album is absolutely amazing.

Reviewed by: Zachary Graham on November 13th, 2011

RIYL: Real soul music

Recommended Tracks: I’m being honest…EVERY TRACK IS GREAT! The tempos are all pretty similar, too.

FCC Warning: None

Label: Numero

Release Date: November 8th, 2011