Phil Spector Production

A single LP inspires Vintage Vinyl’s next show.

A couple months ago I was at Love Garden looking through their new LPs. I’m more of a 45 girl myself, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least give it a quick perusal. It was on this day that I found a really bad ass record that I knew needed to be in my collection.

Really I should be thanking Aaron Marable for this one. Aaron works down at the Love Garden and when I brought the LP up to counter he said he was glad that he had taken it out of his personal collection so it could be appreciated by someone like me. With that, I will be playing this record on my next show as well as others that fit under the theme: Phil Spector Productions.

It’s difficult for me to be morally okay with playing this man’s music for the following reasons

  1. He’s a total whack job.
  2. The wigs (insert link here
  3. His penchant for pulling guns on musicians while working with them.
  4. The Lana Clarkson thing.
  5. Did I mention he’s completely nuts?

That being said, I really can’t deny the fact that he’s kind of a genius when it comes to music. Let’s not forget that he’s responsible for the Wall of Sound as well as other techniques in music production. And he gave us “Be My Baby” which, let’s face it, pretty much made “Dirty Dancing.” That one will of course be played on the show in addition to some other amazing songs that are compiled on the LP. We’ll be hearing from The Ronettes, Veronica, Darlene Love, The Crystals and so on. There will also be some music from the Beatles’ Get Back album, which Spector produced. Interesting aside, Paul McCartney was reportedly furious over the way Spector mastered “The Long and Winding Road” which prompted the release of the album Let It Be… Naked, which was the original album stripped of all of Spector’s add-ons.

Anyhow, I hope you all tune in! It promises to be another entertaining installment of Vintage Vinyl with your humble host, DJ Modrey Hepburn.

by emily scholle
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