Vintage Vinyl chills out

DJ Modery Hepburn takes a breather (for once).

I am what you would call a “classic overachiever.” I’m a full-time student (16 credits divided into ten classes), I have three part-time jobs, a radio show (obviously), and a blossoming dejay career here in town. I have always preferred being too busy over not being busy enough, because it forces me to manage my time really well. However, a recurring problem with this is the fact that I stress myself out and go a little nuts.

This brings us to the theme of this week’s Vintage Vinyl show.

I was having a serious conversation with my boyfriend about how I’ve been a completely different person (in a bad way) ever since school started back up. He brought up something really poignant: that I was working so hard that I was unhappy, and that it wasn’t healthy. This is completely true by the way. In my attempts to be awesome at everything, I have been putting life on the back burner, and who wants that? Not I, said the fish. So, in recognition of my making myself crazy, and in an attempt to calm the hell down, I’m going to keep things quiet, thoughtful and calm on this week’s show. Besides, it will be a nice juxtaposition to the ROCKING DANCE PARTY I’M DEJAYING ON THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY. Did you know about that? Thursday, the ninth, at the 8th Street Taproom. Rockin’ 60s dance party, please come out and say hello!

But I digress. The plan for this Wednesday is to chill out in the studio with a cup of coffee and just allow myself (and you) to enjoy some music. There will be some Donovan, a little Nico, probably some later Beatles stuff as well.. It will be very late-60s/early 70s. Simon and Garfunkel, I think. Maybe a little Janis. Either way, it should be soothing and lovely. And seeing as my show is midweek, when things seem to get the craziest, it will be a nice way to bring in the second half of the week.

So take a break from homework, put down your pencil and zen out with me. I’m betting you need it just as much as I do.

Until then, I am as always,

from dj modrey hepburn
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