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Shake your groove thang

It’s disco night on Vintage Vinyl. 

For this week’s show, I’m afraid the theme is less creative or cerebral than some of my others. Due to popular demand for some time now, Vintage Vinyl will be presenting an epic Wednesday night… of 1970s jams…and disco.

You’re welcome.

Back during free form this winter, I would hop on the KJHK twitter account to encourage everyone to vote for the theme of the next show. I did quite a few free forms so it was a fun way to get listeners involved and there were a lot of times that it would get almost cut-throat. One of the themes I offered for voting that always seemed to barely lose was Disco, so I’m using this show as an opportunity to highlight the best… and of course, the worst… of the late 1970s.

As such, you may all expect to hear Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, KC and the Sunshine Band… I would go on, but if I give away all my tricks now no one will listen! Go dust off your roller skates, because it’s going to be quite a night. Wednesday Night Fever, here we come!

by dj modery hepburn
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