Katlyn Conroy at KJHK

Lawrence music scene staple Katlyn Conroy dropped by the studio to perform tracks from her solo project, “La Guerre”

originally aired on ad astra radio thursday april 5th, 2012

Katlyn Conroy has been part of the Lawrence, Kansas music scene for years. From her work with Cowboy Indian Bear to past projects like Katlyn Conroy and the Wild and Wooly (a past KJHK Farmer’s Ball winner, we might add) to Another Holiday in the even more distant past, she’s certainly made her mark on the local soundscape. Conroy dropped by KJHK recently to record tracks from her most recent solo project, “La Guerre”. Take a listen. And for more of her work, check out soundcloud.com/katlyn-conroy.



“Sad Face”

[jwplayer mediaid=”12050″]

“Any Other”

[jwplayer mediaid=”12052″]

“He Kept You”

[jwplayer mediaid=”12049″]


[jwplayer mediaid=”12051″]


[jwplayer mediaid=”12048″]

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