First Year Experience

This week’s theme explores what the first year experience of college, law school and living in Lawrence is like.

First year experience was originally aired on Ad Astra Radio Aug. 30

The start of every school year brings new beginnings for those in Lawrence, whether it’s a new job, a different place to live, or all of the new adventures that come with a new year. This week on Ad Astra, our staff explored the topic of a first year experience, and all of the interesting stories that come as a result from a new beginning.

Segment 1: The Office of First Year Experience
Ad Astra reporter Sara Sneath talks to Christina Kerns, the program coordinator for the Office of First Year Experience, who explains why the office changed its name from the Office of New Student Orientation.

Segment 2: Stories from the Dorms
The most obvious first year experience evident on a college campus can be seen at the residency halls and the new freshmen adjust to college and the different lifestyle that presents. Reporters Harry Garrett and Bryenn Lopez-Bierwirth talked to freshmen in the midst of this adjustment.

Segment 3: Lawrence Must-Knows
Ad Astra reporter and fellow newcomer to Lawrence Jack Feigh talked to Lawrence residents and people who grew up here to learn about all the place someone new to the town needs to visit.

Segment 4: Objection
Coming to college for the first time is hard, but continuing school in an intense graduate program is even harder. Claire McInerny talks to students at KU Law about the first year of law school, and how that adjustment is hard for a student at any age.