Current Tunes at Hickory Wind

Hickory Wind is all about classic country and bluegrass music, and here are DJ Vince Meserko’s favorite tracks on the program this week.

“Some Things About Me You Should Know” – Steve Poltz

Poltz is probably best known for writing a few songs for Jewel that became monster hits. His newest release “Noineen Noiny Noin” demonstrates Poltz’s odd and sometimes dark sense of humor. This song has one of the best opening lines I’ve heard in awhile. “I like the word belligerent. It rhymes with refrigerant.” Poltz sings with a goofy faux-country accent as he recounts some things about himself, like his fuzzy ears and his soft spot for unwed mothers. The song is a bit bittersweet and pretty hilarious. For fans of Todd Snider and John Prine.


“White Light” – Gene Clark
Clark rose to prominence as a member of the Byrds from 1966-1968. He also was a fine solo performer as this song demonstrates. The church organ and gentle acoustic guitar make this folk song almost sound like a soul ballad. It’s sad and redemptive and Clark’s vocals will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Just really beautiful stuff.


“Play That Song Again” – Chuck Prophet
This is the first song on Chuck’s brilliant 2012 release “Temple Beautiful.” The electric guitar riff screams out of the gates and Chuck sings with a sly, relaxed swagger that recalls Elvis Costello and maybe Tom Petty. Prophet is a clever lyricist and this song sets the stage for the rest of this semi-concept album about his adopted hometown of San Francisco.


“Everybody Needs Love” – Drive-By Truckers
The Truckers make southern rock relevant and cool. This is a cover of a song by Eddie Hinton. The Truckers take the sweet sentiments of the original and add a pleading urgency to the proceedings, which is mostly accomplished through Patterson Hood’s vocal delivery which warbles and strains throughout. It’s an endearing and touching song. The organ, piano, and lap steel hit all the right notes.


“Duquesne Whistle” – Bob Dylan
This is the brand new Bob Dylan single from this soon-to-be-realeased 35th studio album, Tempest. Bob is 71, and quite honestly I was expecting this to really suck. Turns out, it is fantastic. Bob still kinda croaks and creaks along, but his singing is just fine and he almost croons at times. The band sounds relaxed and restrained in the best possible way, accenting just enough to keep things interesting. This song will get stuck in your head and won’t leave for awhile.

from vince meserko
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