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You get paid to do that?

This week on Ad Astra, we found people around Lawrence and on KU’s campus who have odd or quirky jobs. 

This week on Ad Astra, our team of reporters looked around Lawrence for some of the oddest jobs you’ve never heard of. We found unique jobs on and off KU’s campus, as well as people who have taken a different career path in trying to find what they like. Listen to the full show below.

Segment 1: Everything and the kitchen sink…

Harry Garrett talks to a male student who works in the kitchen of a sorority, and how this job has its perks.

Segment 2: A conversation with a Doula

Joanna Hlavacek spoke with a woman, who is not a medical professional, who helps pregnant women prepare for their birth.

Segment 3: What is a Pantologist? It’s as random as you think.

A pantologist is someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything when it comes to careers, and Sara Sneath talked with a few Lawrence residents who are trying to figure out the difference between jobs and careers and where their passions lie.


You get paid to do that? was originally aired Sept. 20. Ad Astra Radio airs every Thursday night at 7 p.m.