of Montreal-Daughter of Cloud

B-Sides and Rarities collection brings the goods

of Montreal have been incredibly productive with releasing material in the past few years. Daughter of Cloud is their second album released in 2012, although it is only a collection of B-Sides and rarities. The tracks span from the “Hissing Fauna” era all the way through now and they do not disappoint. The best track is “Psychotic Feeling” which was originally found in a slightly different form on a largely unheard EP. Other great tracks include “Micro University” as well as an interesting cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “Expecting to Fly.” If you’re someone who’s trying to get into of Montreal, this would be a nice place to start as it contains tracks from all different eras. So if you don’t like one type of sound, you may enjoy another song on the album because they’re all pretty different.
REC: 11, 1, 14, 17
FCC: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8
Label: Polyvinyl
Release Date: Oct. 23, 2012

Jake Waters reviewed this album on Nov. 4, 2012

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