A partnership of mash ups

The DJ duo of Flhostin Paradise will keep you up to date with electronic music

By Alex West and Riley Watson

I’m Riley Watson, you may remember me from Late Night Seduction last spring semester on the great station of KJHK. Well Alex and I are back at it again with a new adventure in electronic music, Flhostin Paradise. Your one stop shop for all things dance music. From upcoming shows, albums, EPs, artists news, and of course, music!

Alex and I’s goal this semester is to bring the music that gets you ready to get up and let loose because it’s been a long school week, and you deserve something nice. We’ll bring you a live 1 hour mix of the latest and greatest dance songs once a week to start your weekend off right.

I personally began DJ’ing and producing music about a year ago starting with Mash-ups and slowly converted into making remixes of my favorite dance songs most recently The Mortal Kombat Theme Song by The Immortals and Confusion by New Order (AKA the theme song from the film Blade). I’m always trying to improve my production skills be it learning about musc as a whole, or mastering techniques. Every song has something a little different and I’m always looking forward to what I can learn next.

When I was a kid I always liked anything that had to do with robots and sci-fi movies. So I was always interested in electronic music. of course my father was an old fashion Classic Rock, Folk, Reggae sort of guy so he never really agreed with my taste in music. But it was something that I was always interested in and started trying to make my own music when I was freshman in high school. Everything I made sucked, but the spirit was wiling. Fast forward to now. Electronic music has become more widely accepted with Knife Party and Skrillex songs showing up in move trailers, dubstep cereal ads, and the current production of the first “Electronic and Dance Reality Show”. Electronic music is moving at a fast pace and I want everyone to stay on top of it.

I’m Alex West, Riley’s co-host and music enthusiast.  Raised in a heavily musical household I learned the importance of music at a young age.  Electronic music to me is an exciting form of music that is not only fun to listen and dance to but also to play.  Being a DJ is a very fun activity that Riley and I like to do together and are really pumped to share with you.  Like Riley said this show is going to be on a Friday night and aims to be a really loud and crazy show that will get you ready to start the weekend.  Something that has bothered me about radio today is the lack of the different types of electronic music.  This show will be different that any other show because it will be high energy the who two hours, matching the intensity of the music.  I am very excited to be a part of KJHK again and to play for you guys every Friday night!

Flhostin Paradise airs every Friday from 10 p.m. to midnight

KJHK 90.7 FM