Listen to the Hype

Hip-Hop Hype returns to bump up your Saturday nights

By Andy MacKay
urlWhen I discovered hip-hop music, the impact it had on my life was immeasurable  I found it in my early teens and was blown away by the complex rhymes and wordplay in the lyrics combined with the beats sampling songs that my parents would listen too while I was in the car with them. On Hip-Hop Hype, not only will you hear music from artists that you already know like Jay-Z, OutKast, Eminem, and Ice Cube, you’ll also hear songs from lesser known artists like Digable Planets, Jurassic 5, and Killer Mike. Since I’m also really into deep cuts, you’ll also hear songs that you may have never heard before from those same artists. Lastly, as your host, I hope that you tune in and end up nodding your head to the music right along with me.

Hip-Hop Hype airs every Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight