The Nitty Gritty of Garage Rock

The Primitive Pan Hour brings you back to garage rock’s roots

By Lindsay Schell and Justin Rennell

garage-rockI understand a name like the “Primitive Panic Hour” could cause a sort of deadlock in understanding. Frankly, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it down when I applied last semester, it’s just what turned up on the application. I could’ve called it something simple and coy like The Drag, but instead fused two buzzwords together and spawned a half-baked show title. I don’t mind though. In fact, the same spirit that brought on this outrageous name is what is being channeled in the music Lindsay and I hope to feature in our show.

The music’s dumb. There’s nothing introspective, intelligent, or even explicitly skillful about it. Simply stated, this is party rock- or politely dubbed by baby boomers as “Garage Rock”. Our show aims to display rock n’ roll in a reduced state- something thoughtless and fun- just like the name of the show. It is not poetic, or even really that “shocking”. It’s a “take it or leave it scenario”. A lot of the songs we play will be out of key. Some might be five-piece bands recorded with one microphone. Some might be rhythmically confusing- hence the term “primitive”.

They are stripped down and deconstructed, and every Monday we will be bringing you our favorite and rawest garage rock, punk rock, and the predecessors who influenced these genres. We’ll occasionally have themes, but we’re generally just gonna crank out tunes that’ll go great with some pogo dancing and a cold one. Join us!

Primitive Panic Hour airs every Monday from 10 p.m. to midnight