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Too vulgar for the airwaves

Flhostin Paradise shares it’s list of taboo songs for the radio

One of the first things we were told when we first started DJ’ing at KJHK last year was to never swear on the air. After being told these rules and a list of words not to say, it took all of our power not to giggle like the immature children we are.

Because of this “law of the airwaves” our musical preferences have to be muffled slightly, and today we are going to highlight our favorite songs that we can’t play. Sure we can easily make edits and reverse every swear word in a song, but there are so many times you can hear the words “hctib” and “kcuf” before it starts to get old.

Now plug in your headphones so you don’t offend grandma or just crank it up to show your parents how rebellious you are, and dance your mutha f****** ass off.

Just Blaze X Baauer – Higher

Starting off our list of “No No” songs is Just Blaze’s collaboration with trap prince Baauer. Before the Harlem Shake craze stirred up the internet and sent bar/club promoters to set up endless Harlem Shake Party after endless Harlem Shake Party, Baauer was working his way up in the blossoming Trap Music scene that is still hitting the air waves around the US. He caught the attention of one of his idols, legendary Hip Hop producer Just Blaze, and the two embarked on easily one of the biggest songs this year already. With a slew of synthesizers, chopped up vocals, and a one of a kind Jay-Z drop, this song is one to not be missed.

Why can’t we play it? – The use of Jay-Z saying the words “Mutha F****” is enough to make the folks mad, which kept us from being able to play this gem.

Why don’t we just censor it? – No one can censor Jay-Z, it’s written in the Big Pimpin’ Handbook.

Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie (Dillon Francis Remix)

Next up we have Dillon Francis’s take on Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie”. Personally I think no one can touch JT when it comes to song writing and singing, nearly everything he does musically is perfect; admit it you agree. But Dillon Francis does an incredible job of taking the pop song and flipping it on its head. Adding in funky synth lines, moombahton inspired chopped vocals, and enough bass to make you going “Holy s***.” This is the go to song when you want to get a party going in the right direction.

Why can’t we play it? – In the intro of the track Francis splices JT’s vocals to say “I be on suit and tie, s***, tie, s***”. Though pretty awesome, that’s still a no go for us here on Flhostin Paradise.

Why don’t we just censor it? – If Justin Timberlake started to swear in your presence would you tell him to watch it? Didn’t think so.

Birdy Nam Nam – Goin In (Skrillex Goin Hard Remix)

Basically everyone on the planet knows who Skrillex is. If you don’t know who Skrillex is, you live under a rock. Bridy Nam Nam is constructed of four Parisian DJs: Dj Pone, Lil’Mike, DJ Need, and DJ Crazy B. Throughout their career the group has won multiple awards and contests, including the title of World Team Champions back in 2002 for DMC Techniques annual contest for showcasing DJs from around the world in a battle of “who is best”. They’ve gained more and more popularity in the past year since signing onto Skrillex’s record label OWLSA. When your boss is Skrillex you can’t have him NOT remix a song of yours. That’s what brings us here today: Skrillex does what Skrillex does best on this remix, as he brings the bass and he brings it hard and fast. Now there are multiple remixes of this particular track (Listen to A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For the Night” and see the similarities) and we’re choosing the first remix over the rest for the sheer energy that it brings, making it easily one of the craziest Skrillex remixes around.

Why can’t we play it? – The lyrics of the song go “I’m going wild for the night f*** being polite”. If my parents taught me anything, it is that I should do the exact opposite of what this songs says.

Why don’t we just censor it? – Though I was raised to steer away from behavior like this there is something strangely satisfying about saying “f*** being polite”

Louis La Roche – The C word

Relatively unknown state side, Louis La Roche is a 22 year old house music producer from Nowich, UK. When he first came onto the house music scene he was about 17. His first release was an EP entitled “The Peach” that still stands as one of my personal favorite EP’s ever. His songs are energetic, funky, and one of the most modern forms of disco that you can get. His song “Love” was even mistaken as Thomas Bangalter’s (half of Daft Punk) when it was first released. He is still releasing new music with an album currently in the works, but in the mean time he’s been hard at work making edits of classic names like DJ Falcon and Burial along with a slew of original works like the one we have today.

Why can’t we play it? – What’s the worst word you can think of to call a woman? Personally I think it’s “fat”, but that’s beside the point. The C-Word is one not to be thrown around lightly, and with it being thrown around throughout the track it’s kind of hard to let it slide.

Why don’t we just censor it? – It’s pretty difficult to with this song. We’d end up with a jumbled mess that can only be compared to radio edits of early 2000’s rap songs.

Crizzly & Logun – Ass & Tittiez

What can be said about Crizzly? First off he’s a whole one year older than I am and easily 13 times cooler. He proclaims the music he makes is “Crunkstep”. It is the kind of music that’ll make you leave the bar and hit the dance floor. It’s smooth, loud, and can pack a punch. Not only is this song a recreation/ remake of the classic DJ Assault song by the same name, it is also one of Crizzly’s best songs to date. Keep an eye on this kid, I give him a few more months before he is a house hold name.

Why can’t we play it? – Well there is only so many times you can say “ass” on the air before you start to feel a little weird. Plus with the addition of the line “Big booty bitches” it can get a little tricky getting this one on the air.

Why don’t we just censor it? – Once you listen to the song you’ll realize that censoring it is basically like teaching a baby to not look stupid while eating spaghetti: impossible.

Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Brillz and ETC! ETC! Trap Remix)

Brillz and ETC! ETC! put a modern trap spin on the classic hip hop song, making it one not to be missed. With a flurry of hi-hats and an 808 kick to make the floor shake along with heavy use of the original track, this is another one of those songs that can make a good DJ set even better when thrown in at just the right moment. The intro will make you stop dead in your tracks but the build-up and drop makes it worth it the wait.

Why can’t we play it? – “Simon says get the f*** up”, and we say “Ask politely and we’ll think about it”.

Why don’t we just censor it? – With a song like this, it has a certain attitude, if we were to censor it the attitude would be lost. When I’m told to “get the f*** up” I know there is no other option.

Dada Life – Kick Out the Epic Mother F*****

When this song was initially released it was seen as one of the top songs for every DJ to play at festivals, and for good reason too. The vocals are catchy, the bass line is hard, and the drop is one that you just want to shout at the top of your lungs. The two Swedish producers hit a home run when it comes to this track, and the Datsik remix is another personal favorite of mine. Dada Life is one of those groups that you must see live, have I seen them? Nope, but they are definitely on my list of must sees. If you enjoy champagne get sprayed all over you, inflatable bananas being tossed into the crowd, and weird costumes, then they’re the group for you.

Why can’t we play it on the air? – Did you read the title of the song? Seriously, did you?

Why don’t we just censor it? – When you take away anything from a song like this it loses value. If we take away any part of this song it just wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t have the same punch that the song has so much of.

Bloody Beetroots Featuring The Cool Kids – Awesome

What happens when you take The Bloody Beetroots and put them to work with The Cool Kids? You get something awesome, duh. Bloody Beetroots are known for their Venom Masks and their heavy hitting electro music, they’re like the heavy metal of electro music: loud, fast, and mosh pit inducing. What “Awesome” brings to the field is a mixture of classic Beetroots sound design, but gives it a little more hop to be completed with a smooth flow that you would expect nothing less from The Cool Kids.

Why can’t we play it on the air? – No rap song is complete without a couple F bombs tossed into the mix. It pains me to see this song go unplayed, but it has to be done.

Why don’t we just censor it? – The Cool Kids are The Cool Kids, censoring their lyrics would take away from their over embarking coolness. Like Fonzie without a leather jacket.

Justice VS DJ Funk – Let There Be Light (Bounce That Ass Remix)

Can we talk about Justice for a second? The Parisian duo took the world by storm in 2007 with their first album Cross. It was dark, distorted, heavy, and something completely different from anything else I had heard. Since then they’ve gone on a world tour, released a second album “Audio Video Disco” and plan to release a new Live Album this coming May. This remix of their dark hit Let There Be Light takes the original into strange, booty bouncing places thank to DJ Funk. It’s funny, it’s catchy, and it is forbidden from the air waves.

Why Can’t we play it? – With lyrics that include, “Bounce that ass on the floor, hydraulics pump it low, work it momma let it show, freak that s*** like a hoe…”. It can be seen why we can’t play it on the air. Here at Flhostin Paradise we like to give women the option to “Bounce that ass”, if they don’t agree with out suggestion then we respect their decision.

Why don’t we just censor it? – Like much of the other submissions on this list, it wouldn’t be the same. Censoring this would take away from the playful/fun vibe that it sets. You do like fun stuff don’t you?

Bro Safari – Scumbag (J.Rabbit Remix)

To end our list id like to bring your attention to Bro Safari’s “Scumbag”.  Without a doubt this is the one song that is regretfully not played the most out of any other song on this list. The original is a dark, catchy, bouncy Trap song that is quickly becoming one of the better well known Trap songs in the genre, and with a sample of the late great Notorious B.I.G how can you go wrong? Specifically we’d like to bring to light the J.Rabbit remix of this track. It’s fast, grimy, and almost outshines the original. You want to get people excited about your sett, toss this in and watch the crowd go wild.

Why can’t we play it? – The sample of Biggie Smalls that Bro Safari choses to use for this tracks is a repeated rhyme by the late rapper stating. “When I die f*** it I wanna go to hell cause I’m a piece of s*** it ain’t hard to f***** tell”. Biggie obviously didn’t get a prize in his cereal that morning.

Why don’t we just censor it? – Much like Jay-Z and the Big Pimpin Handbook, you don’t censor Biggie Smalls. It’s just doesn’t sound right.

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