Student Senate Election Special

What you need to know before casting your vote for student senators!

By Claire McInerny

It’s the time of year when chalked messages litter the sidewalks on campus and more than the usual amount of strangers try to hand you flyers on your way to class. Student Senate Elections are a constant in the springtime at KU, and it can be easy to brush off the campaigning and not vote. What most students do not realize though is the impact this governmental body has on your daily experience as a student, as KU’s Student Senate operates with $24 million in student fees.

On a special edition of Ad Astra Radio, we’re trying to understand the inner workings of Student Senate and what this group does the rest of the year when they’re not in the forefront campaigning.

KJHK reporter Wil Kenney talked with Brandon Woodard, the presidential candidate for KUnited, and Marcus Tetwiler, the presidential candidate for Ad Astra┬áto discuss their coalition’s platforms and motivations for running for this position. Vice-Presidential candidates Blaine Bengston of KUnited and Emma Halling of Ad Astra also joined the conversation.

Listen to the whole show below:

You can also watch the candidates and the Election special to see what your candidates look like!


Are you still a little confused about how Senate works?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can also listen to the explanatory piece that looks into the processes of passing a bill through Student Senate, and what kinds of bills they look at.

According to Alek Joyce, The Outreach Director for Student Senate, 90% of the bills Senate reviews and votes on have to do with funding student groups. Out of the $444 students pay every semester, these fees are divided among different areas of campus that are not supported by tuition money. Check out how a service you use is funded by Student Senate.

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