Fish Out of Water- 4/11

Stories about great people in odd situations

The cliches about the fear of trying something new are all around us: get out of your comfort zone, think outside the box, entering uncharted waters and taking the plunge. New experiences can range from going to a Zumba class for the first time to choosing to expose yourself to an experience that makes your heart beat faster, your fingertips go numb and the question “what have I gotten myself into” to become your mantra, even just for a moment.

Once you take that risk though, what is the aftermath? There’s a cliche for this experience too, and the subject of that risk is known as a fish out of water. On this episode of Ad Astra Radio, we look at the flopping fish all around us.

From College Town to Big City Lights

Coming to KU gives many students opportunities they never would have gotten in their hometowns, including leaving Kansas for the first time. Ad Astra reporter Tori Infinger spoke with a member of the KU Advertising Club, who visited New York City over spring break with the organization. The student shares his favorite parts of the city and what it was like for him to leave Kansas for the first time.


An American in China

The KU Office of Study Abroad sends thousands of students overseas each year, but next semester, one student’s trip to China will have significant meaning.


14 Going on Mick Jagger

The Lawrence music scene is a large part of the nightlife in town, but 14-year-old Drew Smith stands out among the many bands and hipster rockers. Smith produces electronic/experimental music and works with local musicians who are twice his age.


A Safari Through Family

Ad Astra reporter Scott Ross recently went on an African Safari with a few members of his family, and in addition to gaining Swahili vocab words, stunning picture of African wildlife and an appreciation for a country half a world away, he discovered something much more significant – a better understanding of his relationship with his father.