Eternal Fair – The Horse That Carries the Wheel

This band of mountain men mix classic rock sensibilities with modern hooks

The Horse That Carries the Wheel is the debut album of the Seattle based group Eternal Fair. Their sound is definitely neo-psychedelic rock, which I find to be rather refreshing to listen to.  Andrew Valt’s vocal work is so impressive on this album especially on the tracks “Tommy Moore” and “Brightest Star” but then again he’s great on all of them except “Intro to Brightest Star” because it’s an instrumental track.  They have been said to have the makings  of another huge break-out band from Seattle by Seattle Wave Radio. The whole album seems to have the same overall tone of soft vocals and a strong but mellow sound.  The album begins with “The Horse That Carries the Wheel, Pt 1” that is rather short but is an excellent start and from there it gets better and better until it ends with “The Horse That Carries the Wheel, Pt. 2”  which rehashes pt. 1 and extends it.  If this is what we can expect from this band than I can’t wait for their next album.

RIYL: My Morning Jacket, The Who, and Band of Horses
Rec:  ALL!  but 8 and 9 need to be played together in that order.
FCC: Clean
Release Date: Apr 16, 2013
Label: Eternal Fair

Reviewed by Ethan Graham