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Livin’ On a Prayer

KJHK DJ earns a spot on Bon Jovi’s tour

By DJ JCheeks

April 13, three other students and myself will be working backstage at the Bon Jovi concert at the Sprint Center.  The students and I are able to do so because of Bon Jovi’s “Because We Can” tour.  Rose Alvelais, Jaime Grabell, Ben Juster and I (Jolene Sammons) were selected for the internship program.

“Because We Can” is a nationwide tour that aims to gives students a behind the scenes look at what goes on during a major rock and roll tour.  Students will serve as the media representatives for their university.  They will get to photograph and film parts of the concert, interview the band and work backstage to prepare for the show.

This tour wanted students who are involved in the community, are in leadership positions and have an interest to work in the media or music industry.