Food For Thought 5/9

This month look at the unique food culture in Lawrence

The Community Mercantile in the classroom
By Evan Gottstine

Driving around Lawrence, you see many gardens in backyards, out in the country and also on the grounds of elementary and middle schools. The Community Mercantile developed a program that puts gardens on the property of local schools to teach students about locally grown food and healthy eating.


The Art of Butchering at 715
By Wil Kenney

715’s rustic, Italian menu is full of meat dishes, but at this restaurant the process to get meat to the kitchen is considered an artform. The owner and head butcher at 715 explains why this is such an important part of preparing a meal.


From Easy Mac to Four Courses
By Cuee Wright

When reporter Cuee Wright moved out of the dorms and into an apartment, the kitchen seemed like a foreign world. She shares her journey from heating things up in the microwave to researching and exploring what cooking for herself could be like.


Food Utopia
By Scott Ross

What is a food utopia? A recent conference at KU between the science fiction department, sociologists and enthusiasts about the future of food discussed what the ideal food production system would be.