Daughter – If You Leave

Emotional sounds abound on this album

Daughter’s first full-length album perfectly encapsulates the burgeoning band’s sound and emotion.  Capitalizing on their earlier success the album largely sticks to the same formula as their EPs, simple but symphonic songs that highlight Elena Tonra’s haunting and expressive voice.  Songs like Smother and Lifeforms start very basic, with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, before swelling into a crescendo of drums, swirling background vocals, grungy electric guitars, and eerie synth.  In contrast Human provides an upbeat tempo and a break from the slower, heavier sound throughout the album.  Its lyrics are just as meaningful and melancholic as the rest though.  And while their sound is easily compared to The xx, Daughter tends toward the acoustic with some electronic accents.  Their sound though is uniquely their own, and Daughter’s first album wonderfully showcases the group’s talent.

Think: A mix of Bon Iver and The xx

REC: 1, 4, 7, 9

FCC: None

Label: Glassnote Records

Released: April 30, 2013

Sean Turner reviewed this album on May 5, 2013