Dancing Bear Variety Hour, Ep. 1

The first episode of KJHK’s new sketch comedy program takes on Sci-Fi, Muppets and the Big Bang Theory

“When I was first asked to introduce the opening episode of the Dancing Bear Variety Hour, my reaction was immediate and emphatic. ‘What in the hell is that, and why in God’s name should I give half a damn?’ I inquired. On being informed that it is apparently a platform for so-called comedy of the simplest and most puerile variety – in which my own person is repeatedly slandered and my reputation shamelessly degraded – I repressed my urge to vomit and composed this statement:

People don’t want comedy on the radio. Radio programs are for international news, financial reports, and avoiding pointless small talk while overnight guests gather their belongings in the morning. Stop wasting your time.”

– Jack Derby, AstroBase Officer and Captain of the USS Carpathia


A Muppet Catcher in the Rye

J. D. Salinger never approved a film adaptation of his classic novel, fearing no actor could do the role justice. Have we found the exception? (Scott Ross)

Bob Dylan Reading Series

The folk legend gives back to the community, reading to kids at the local elementary school. (Phil Garland)

Win, Lose or Draw – Radio Edition!

Pete Carson is your host for this exciting radio-only version of the popular drawing identification game show! He’s also prone to verbally abusive behavior! (Scott Ross)

Radio Adventures

Burt Kazerack guides you through the visual smorgasbord of natural beauty offered by the Appalachian countryside in this edition of Radio Adventures. (Justin Wilson)

Big Bang Theory Firing Squad

Sheldon and his quirky gang have found themselves in quite a pickle in this quirky reimagining of the quirky CBS comedy that all your quirky parents love. (Phil Garland)

Tallest Building in Topeka Awards, Sept 2013

Writers Justin Wilson and Sara Leavens present the first winner of our monthly awards series, the Tallest Building in Topeka Awards! (Justin Wilson)

The Adventures of the U.S.S. Carpathia, Episode 1, Part 1

Join the intrepid crew of the U.S.S. Carpathia as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of Commander Chaz Remmington – only to uncover an ever great mystery! (Scott Ross, Justin Wilson, Phil Garland)

The Adventures of the U.S.S. Carpathia, Episode 1, Part 2

It’s a race against time and certain doom for the crew of the Carpathia in the thrilling conclusion of their search for Chaz Remmington at the edge of known space! (Scott Ross, Justin Wilson, Phil Garland)

Credits, etc.

We say farewell to our first episode. Hope you had fun!

The Dancing Bear Variety Hour is: Scott Ross, Justin Wilson, Phil Garland, and Sara Leavens. <3

Written by Scott Ross. Tune into the Dancing Bear Variety Hour the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm on KJHK 90.7fm.