Moon Taxi – Mountains Beaches Cities

Solid release from indie veterans

Moon Taxi — Mountains Beaches Cities


This is Moon Taxi’s third studio album.  They are a Nashville, Tennessee based indie-rock group that formed in 2006.  Each track invokes a new experience that has been undertaken and involves its own story. As well as being an outlets for each member of the band to showoff their interests and influences.  The album starts off with a running start with “Running Wild” which has a wonderful light kind of feel to it that hooks you into the album, and if taken like the beginning of a journey than the opening words of “Stepping out” is very suitable to this.  “Beaches” fills in the middle with its somewhat different sound to the beginning of the album with a slightly more rugged feel while still be smooth if that makes any sense.  The vocals on this are amazing. The whole album deserves a listen.  It ends off with “Juniper”  that has a heavier sound to it as a whole but leaves you satisfied when it’s over as if you’ve have just finished a good trip.


RIYL: honeyhoney, The Beautiful Girls, and Cherub

REC: 1, 2, 3,5,6, really all of them should be fine.

DNP :None

LABEL: 12th South Records

RELEASE: Sept 10, 2013

Reviewed by Ethan Graham