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Play the Brobot adventure game!

Brobot Jumps Off The Roof

I’ll be the first to admit it, I have gotten a lot of utility out of adding a ‘b’ to the front of the word ‘robot’. What started as a comical suggestion for how to do automated radio that would announce itself in emergency situations where we couldn’t have a DJ has turned into my main means of show promotion, and a source of endless amusement for probably just me. So when I was assigned the open-ended duty of ‘Making a video game’ for one of my classes, I decided to run this shit into the ground even more (literally! well, virtually-literally!).

That’s why I’m proud to announce a KJHK first, our very own in-house video game, an Input/Output production:

BROBOT JUMPS OFF THE ROOF: A Mini Text-to-Speech Adventure for Mac

Now YOU can put yourself in the metallic shoes of Brobot, a misguided, increasingly inebriated, and virtually indestructible* college-aged robot who must get things in order, so he can jump off the roof in a wayward display of compensated attention.

HERE’S HOW TO RUN THE GAME (It may be a bit unfamiliar, but its completely safe and easier than it looks, it’s also very easy to delete afterwards):

Download the .zip file from here:

and put it on your desktop (it’s important that it’s on the desktop).

Then, double click the .zip file you just downloaded to create a folder on your desktop called ‘BJOTR’

Next, in a Finder window, go to Applications > Utilities > and open a Terminal window. In the terminal type exactly ‘cd Desktop/BJOTR’

Now, to run the game, all you have to do is type or copy and paste ‘python brobot_adventures.py’

It should then run! Make sure your sound is on. (also, don’t forget there’s a keg in the living room.)

What have I done,


*Because he’s a robot, his hard, metallic shell leaves him unable to be seriously injured by falls from great heights, and prevents his creator from getting in trouble from the ethics finger-wavers. Any connection to real events is purely a coincidence. 
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