Back to School/Back in Time – 9/24

Our September episode presents stories that go back to where we’ve been.

For Ad Astra’s return to the airwaves we bring you stories on the theme back to school/back in time. This episode combines a return to school with a return to days gone by, from learning how to fight like a medieval warrior, to being classmates with a parent, to those indispensable educational accessories, backpacks. Listen to the full live broadcast, or scroll down to check out individual stories on their own.

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Education Across the Generations

For most students going to college implies leaving home, but what happens when a parent decides to go back to school as well? Valerie Peterson spoke to her friend Garret and his father Chad, a fellow KU student, about the unique experience of having a parent as a classmate.


A Q&A with the Q and A Allies (Online Exclusive)

As the semester begins, many of us have noticed the rainbow “Ally” pins on backpacks and bags across campus. For the LGBTQ Resource Center, this year’s back-to-school is an opportunity to make progress important historical issues. Reporter Chrissie Noriega speaks to Michael Detmer about the campaign.


Tolkien in the Park

Who hasn’t daydreamed about living in days of knights and castles, swinging a mighty sword from atop a noble steed? For the members of Emberfeld, a Lawrence chapter of an activity called Dagorhir, medieval battles are a weekly occurrence, in the form of full-contact foam weapon combat. News Director Scott Ross attends Emberfeld practice to learn an ancient art firsthand.


Backpack to School / Backpack in Time

Reporter Justin Wilson brings up the back of the crowd, carrying us through to the end, dispensing of excess baggage, packing in loads of great content, and over all just hauling a lot of weight with a story about backpacks: what they mean to different people, why they matter so much, and how can represent who you are.


Written by Scott Ross. Tune in to Ad Astra Radio the final Tuesday of every month on KJHK 90.7 fm.