Son Of Stan – Divorce Pop

Richardson’s remarkable vocals

Son of Stan is a one man side project of Jordan Richardson, he plays the drums in Epic Ruins, and Ben Harper+Relentless7, Spirit Animal, and Psalms.  He also enjoys DJing in malls, according to his website.  Divorce Pop is an interesting album that is really good to listen to as it sort of gives you a mellow sound.  It can be a bit repetitive at times as the songs sort of blend together.  Richardson’s vocal work is remarkable on the album it blends well with the 80s scene that I think he likes to get across after watching the music video for “Corsica”, with all its references to products of that time.  I enjoyed the differentness of this album it just seems to be him having fun making music he wants to make and sharing it with us and I look forward to the next album from Son of Stan.


REC: , 2, 4, 5, 6, 7,  9

LABEL: Wizardvizion Records

RELEASE: Oct 15, 2013

Reviewed by Ethan Graham

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