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The Rinse Out

Getting grimey with MVE

Looking for the latest in electronic releases?  Here are MVE’s selections for November.

Bøne Squad – Bøne Squad (Total Fantasy)

With the first release on Deadboy’s new label Total Fantasy, the enigmatic Bøne Squad hit us with some forward thinking grime.  You won’t hear any of the rap snares and hi-hats that have come to influence recent grime.  Instead, this release takes a darker approach more attuned to the genre’s garage genesis.  It is not hard to imagine yourself in the polar regions of a Nordic country during the winter while listening to tracks with such names as Vvinter, Valkyrie, and Skål & Bønes.  That does not mean it eschews the trappings of classic grime, as it is not hard to pick out the Eskibeat influence of Wiley in Skål & Bønes, Danny Weed’s Roll Deep riddims in Vvinter, or Rapid’s Ruff Sqwad synths in Valkyrie (along with some cheeky jungle drums).  If you’re looking for something heavier, this release is for you.Bøne Squad – Vvinter

Murlo – Adder EP (Unknown To The Unknown)

Along the same lines, Murlo takes grime into the rainforest with this release.  This is a decidedly more upbeat, heater of an EP than Bøne Squad, but it still brings the sub-bass when necessary.  The syncopated riddims of UK Funky are also clearly present throughout the EP.  Adder gives us the same Eskibeat sound that Skål & Bønes did, but in a much different context.  Irises hits with a pan-flute-esque synth that meanders its way throughout, like a bird zipping through a dense jungle.  Murlo is clearly indebted to Formula Records founder and UK Funky don Champion and this tuff, Funky-influenced EP is worth checking out. Murlo – Adder

New York Transit Authority – Swarm (Lobster Boy Records)

Coming off of 2011’s dancefloor-killing-house-throwback Off The Traxx, New York Transit Authority (alter ego of dubstep producer Mensah [don’t let anyone tell you electronic producers aren’t talented]) has a new 12” out that is a stomper.  The A-Side (Swarm) is a track you’d expect to hear around 4 AM in a dark basement drenched in sweat with a driving bass that almost calls to mind techno (but it never reaches that point).  The flipside houses (ha!) a track called 95 which keeps the dark bassline driving, although infuses some bouncy synthlines at points, as well as a short vocal sample evoking an older time.  This release represents the darker side of house and is well-worth a listen. New York Transit Authority – 95

As usual, here’s a short mix of new and old tracks for you to enjoy!

Written by Mike Van Esler. Tune into the Rinse Out every Thursday from 10-midnight on 90.7fm KJHK.