A friend actually found this in a bar in town! I've never felt more validated in my whole life.

3 Years of Brobotics

Input/Output DJ bids farewell

Well, It appears it’s that time. Suddenly graduation, which was clearly and definitively filed in the “sometime in the future” bin, has a date measured in terms of days and with proximity indicators such as “next week”. It’s so soon, in fact, that this Thursday is my last live-mixed Input/Output. I am reserving my last show for a sappy, sentimental mix of more indie rock stuff that I have special feels about.

A friend actually found this in a bar in town! I've never felt more validated in my whole life.
A friend actually found this in a bar in town! I’ve never felt more validated in my whole life.

In celebration of the end of my run as host of Input/Output, I am reposting all of my promos from the start of the show till now, as well as the ridiculous Brobot themed text-to-speach adventure game I made for one of my classes this year (Authors note: I got an A on that). Alongside, riding the evolution of the show, from the headier, darker sounds of Burial one track at a time when I was on at midnight, to the continuous, fading-light disco dance party of Tiger & Woods, creating the saga of Brobot, guiding him through all of the challenges a young robot faces in college when he has taken the path of the bro, such as awkward flirting, father issues, career uncertainty, legal trouble, self-improvement, domestic aggression, and unplanned, immediate pregnancy, has been a highlight for me. If you know me, chances are, I’ve made you listen to the whole series, while saying pretentious things like “no no, did you catch that? it referenced an earlier promo”. Clearly, I made these for me. But often I get the “oh thats the robot show! much more than “thats the electronic mix show” so that’s something, I guess.

Here’s the saga:

Fall 2011: BROBOTS MESSAGE  — Backing Track: Gold Panda – Long Vacation

Spring 2012: BROBOT HITS ON BRITNEY-TRON — Backing Track: Bibio – Sugarette

Fall 2012: BROBOT HAS UPGRADES — Backing Track: Sepalcure — See Me Feel Me

Spring 2013: FATHERTRON IS DISAPPOINTED — Backing Track: Move D – Untitled #3

Fall 2013: BROBOT NEEDS GUIDANCE — Backing Track: Beautiful Swimmers – Easy on the Eyes

Spring 2014: BROBOT BECOMES A FATHERTRON — Backing Track: Black Van – Yearning

And a link to Brobot Jumps Off The Roof: A Text-To-Speach Adventure Game for Mac:

BROBOT JUMPS OFF THE ROOF: A Mini Text-to-Speech Adventure for Mac Now YOU can put yourself in the metallic shoes of Brobot, a misguided, increasingly inebriated, and virtually indestructible* college-aged robot who must get things in order, so he can jump off the roof in a wayward display of compensated attention.

HERE’S HOW TO RUN THE GAME (It may be a bit unfamiliar, but its completely safe and easier than it looks, it’s also very easy to delete afterwards):

Download the .zip file from http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/27756924/file.html : and put it on your desktop (it’s important that it’s on the desktop).

Then, double click the .zip file you just downloaded to create a folder on your desktop called ‘BJOTR’

Next, in a Finder window, go to Applications > Utilities > and open a Terminal window. It looks like scary nerd shit, but its actually not and it makes you look like such a HaXx0r!

In the terminal type exactly (no single quotes) ‘cd Desktop/BJOTR’ Now, to run the game, all you have to do is type or copy and paste ‘python brobot_adventures.py’ It should then run! Make sure your sound is on. (also, don’t forget there’s a keg in the living room.)

That’ll do it for me KJHK faithful. I’ll see you on air on more time, if not, it’s been a pleasure. Listeners like you make this whole equation work. Which to me means an infinite amount.

“Can we name it Drake?”

Written by Marc Schroeder. Tune into Input/Output Thursdays from 8-10pm on 90.7fm KJHK.

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