Conor Oberst–Upside Down Mountain

Not as youthful as other Oberst releases but just as nice to listen to.

Conor Oberst supplies listeners with pleasant folk rock and Americana tunes on this album. Country undertones have been sprinkled here and there which could be Oberst getting back to his Nebraskan roots. On this album, his lyrics range from loneliness to whimsy. He addresses a variety of issues such as watching a child grow up on “You Are Your Mother’s Child” to wanting to be forgotten when you die on “Hundreds of Ways.” The single on the album “Zigzagging Toward the Light” starts out slow but builds quickly to an upbeat rockin’ groove.  “Double Life” is lovely and chill with a slow tempo and beautiful harmonies.  “Kick” is a fun track with vivid lyrics and layers of tasty guitar riffs. This album is perhaps not as youthful as other Oberst releases but it is still as nice to listen to.

Recommended if you like Bright Eyes, Wilco, and Elliott Smith

Written by Emilie Stafford on 5/31/14