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Dune Rats: Smile

This sunny album is pure fun.They are not lying. This album will make you smile. Australian surf/garage rock duo, Dune Rats, packs the energy with their EP. Each track is guaranteed to make you want to bob your head. This release stands out with its catchy melodies and crazy lyrics. The backing vocals are waves of “OoOoOoOohs” and “Ahhhhhhs” that carry the tune away from the shore. This sunny album is pure fun.

The best track is the intro “Red Light Green Light.” This song is so freaking catchy and energetic. Beware: it will most definitely be stuck your head the rest of the day. The next track, “All We Do,” is another great pick that keeps the flow at high energies. “Stoner Pop,” which explains their music existence quite well, is the second best track featured on this album. The lyrics are funny and the sound still gives the surf/garage vibe. Play this album loud. It will make anyone listening want dance.

Recommended if you like: Wavves, The Orwells

Recommended tracks: “Red Light Green Light,” “Stoner Pop,” and “All We Do”

Reviewed by Rachel Bennett on October 2, 2014