Medicine: Home Everywhere

An incredible journey.

Medicine has been a band since ’94 but has for whatever reason flown under the radar. They may be on your radar if you are a fan of the gothic cult classic movie, The Crow, which they were featured in with the help of the singer from the Cocteau Twins, Elizabeth Fraser. Nonetheless Home Everywhere is a radical album that is truly a joy to listen to.

It features experimental and psychedelic tracks with hook-laden melodies. “The Reclaimed Girls” starts out with some sound effects before completely engrossing the listener in reverb and feedback. As the song progresses the lovely 60s psychedelic melody ensues and builds to some stellar guitar riffs and a tiny bit of a slightly out of tune piano. It’s a track that gets better with multiple listens.

“Turning” features repetitive drums, swirling organs and a heavy bass line. Connections with this track and Animal Collective could definitely be drawn. “Don’t Be Slow” sounds like Tame Impala with few more electronic samples. It’s heavily Beatles influenced which is why I love it so much. “Move Along-Down the Road” is a heavier track, exploding with reverb and feedback, but the gem of the melody keeps in the same vein as the 60s psych vibe.

“They Will Not Die” is a chill combination of Tame Impala vocals and Animal Collective beats. “It’s All About You” has a shoegaze feel, features lovely melodies and a jazzy tempo. The album ends with the expansive 11 and ½ minute title track. This track moves so much there isn’t time to get bored. It’s truly an end to an incredible journey.

Home Everywhere had me from the beginning to end.  Medicine is definitely on my radar now and I think will feel right at home on the KJHK airwaves.

Recommended if you like: Tame Impala, Temples, Animal Collective

Recommended tracks: “The Reclaimed Girl,” “Turning,” “Don’t Be Slow,” “Move Along – Down the Road,” and “They Will Not Die”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford November 11, 2014

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