The Dodos: Individ

It’s a fool proof combination of clean guitar riffs and supportive drums.The Dodos keep to their traditional sound on their sixth album Individ. Sticking to the fool proof combination of clean guitar riffs and supportive drums, The Dodos have made an accessible album.  It’s straight forward indie rock with a few interesting time signatures and charming melodies.

The album starts out with the slowly building “Precipitation”. It eventually makes its way to a garage rock loaded chorus. “The Tide” has a slightly surf rock vibe or maybe its just the name.  “Competition” is hands down my favorite track. With its energetic guitar riff, relatable lyrics and catchy chorus, it’s almost infectious. “Goodbyes and Endings” has a Shins like melody, harmonies very Grizzly Bear-esque, and few touches that remind me of Dr. Dog.

All and all Individ is one of those albums that will fit in perfectly at KJHK. It’s not a show stopper of an album but The Dodos aren’t really a show stopper of a band. Nonetheless this record is pleasant and deserves some spins.

Recommended if you like: early Grizzly Bear, Surfer Blood,

Recommend tracks: “Competition,” “Goodbyes and Endings,” “The Tide,” and “Bubble”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford January 28, 2015

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