photo by Katlyn Conroy

Plow The Fields

Katlyn Conroy Interview

photo by Katlyn Conroy
(photo by Katlyn Conroy)

Katlyn Conroy is a passionate,  prolific songwriter and lifelong Lawrencian who’s myriad bands and solo projects have earned her a spot on the short list of need-to-know local musicians. Over the course of an hour, we swapped stories about band breakups, selfish songwriting, sexy accents, covering other local bands’ music and living with male models. She just released a brand new La Guerre album entitled Sapphires, which you can download here. We preview a few tracks from that as well as some gems from her back catalog. Enjoy!


Part 1:

“Matthew” by La Guerre off the album Sapphires
“Tired of Growing Old (Hospital Ships cover)” by Katlyn Conroy, recorded live at the Lawrence Arts Center in March of 2012

Part 2:

“It Never Rests” by La Guerre off the album Rare and Collectible Spirits
“Any Other” by La Guerre off the album Sapphires

Part 3:

“AC” by Cowboy Indian Bear off the EP Vandeventer
“Brings Heat To Me” by Another Holiday off the album We Live So Strangely