Darkness Falls: Dance And Cry

Darkness-Falls_optDarkness Falls is a female duo all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. Formed in 2009 (though they’ve been playing together for a while as they were once a part of a now defunct ska band), Darkness Falls is an electro-synth act that features haunting harmonization and equally haunting beats and rhythm.

“Night Games” starts off the track and you’ll get the idea right away. Haunting vocalization, methodical and entrancing beats, and all the little bits in between to make an interesting album. Careful, you will get lost during some of these songs. They tend to take you outside of yourself and you might find your mind wandering off. Play with caution.

Recommended If You Like: Haunting electro/synth pop
Recommended Tracks: Any (they’re all very similar)
Do Not Play: None
Written by DJ Dugan on 04/21/2015