Spencer Mackenzie Brown stopped by the KJHK studios back on February 28th to promote an I Heart Local Music fundraiser taking place later that evening at The Jackpot.

Photo Credit: Spencer MacKenzie Brown on Instagram

Spencer had drummer John Benda and bassist Jared Anderson in tow, and the four of them proceeded to crack each other up relentlessly for the better part of an hour. John was essentially the only thing keeping this interview from descending into chaos, myself being far too willing to encourage Jared and Spencer’s non-sequiturs (which tended to spiral into half-truths or outright lies).

I did manage to glean some snippets of actual information from them over the course of the interview–we talked about Spencer’s repeated attempts to move to California, his fondness for being tied to chairs with do-rags, how much he hates loves Fally Afani, and how getting into an unmarked van with a total stranger can change your life. We also played some songs off of Spencer’s first EP and a few tracks selected by my guests from KJHK’s vast library of music local and otherwise. Enjoy!


Part 1:

“Travelling North” by Spencer Mackenzie Brown off the album Part 1
“Burning Cold” by Spencer Mackenzie Brown off the album Part 1
“Stay Gone” by The Get Up Kids off the album On A Wire


Part 2:

“Gnarly Davidson 1” by Gnarly Davidson off the album Gnarly Davidson
“Till My Head Falls Off” by They Might Be Giants off the album Factory Showroom


Part 3:

“Call Me” by Spencer Mackenzie Brown off the album Part 1
“Handshake Drugs” by Wilco off the album a ghost is born
“Surf Wax America” by Weezer off the album Weezer (The Blue Album)