The Misadventures of Eddie Turner #1

The following post is the beginning of a new weekly, fictional story about life in a college radio station. Join Eddie Turner as he tries to navigate through the weird world of college radio.


The Misadventures of Eddie Turner, (AKA DJ New Guy)  

#1 Training Day

By Ethan Graham


Well, I guess I should introduce myself to all of you. The name’s Eddie Turner and I’m one of the newest DJs for my college radio station, KDSK.  I’m also a freshman here, so I’ve got about four years and I’d like to spend them here at this great station.  I’m starting this journal, as a way of keeping track of some of my more memorable DJ shifts, which I’ve had from time to time.  Also, the fact that I’m a creative writing major is another reason for this journal, as one of my professors told us that we should journal at least once a week and I figured that a weekly journal of my shifts would be fairly easy to do.  Well enough about me and all that, let’s delve right into day one, training day.

My training was scheduled for the Monday before the start of classes.  I was of course a bit nervous, as it was the first time I had really met anyone from the station. Luckily, they held group training sessions so I wasn’t going to be the only new person there.  I was unfortunately the last to arrive out of the four people for that time slot. I walked through the door to find a small office area with one desk and a computer, with a door behind that.  A short hallway that lead back into the station, and a room to the right that was full of CDs and records. There were two guys and one girl standing a little ways away from them, all around my age.

“Hi there, I’m James and this is Matt,” said the taller guy with glasses.  He extended his hand.

I put my water bottle in my pocket and shook it, “I’m Eddie, good to meet you guys. Are you new DJs too?”

Matt shook my hand as well, “Yeah we are, you a freshman?”

“I am, I’m studying Creative Writing, what about you guys?” 479260_10150707704271694_1023259310_o

“Oh, we’re both Film majors.” James said.

“That’s cool.”  I said as another guy came out from the back.

“Hello, looks as if everyone’s here. I’m Mark, the Programming Director here at KDSK 91.1 FM.I’m in charge of the scheduling, as well as training the new DJs. First let’s introduce ourselves, you know…name year and all that.”

“I’m Eddie Turner, and I’m a Freshman.”

“All right, Eddie.” Mark said shaking my hand.

“I’m Matt Kensington, and I’m a Freshman, as well.”

“Matt, good to meet you.”

“I’m James Walters, and I’m a Sophomore.”

“James, all right!”

The girl walked over and finally spoke up. “I’m Ruby Barnes and I’m a Freshman.”

“Good, now we all know each other, let’s move on back to the main studio so I can give you an overview of what you’ll be doing when you’re on air,”  said Mark as he showed us down the hall, to the right, into a room that was lined with CDs.

There was a large soundboard on the main desk, CD players stacked to the right and two turntables.  A computer screen sat next to the soundboard with a keyboard sitting in front of it.

“All right, this is the main studio. We don’t allow food or drink in here, you know lots of expensive equipment and all, and we don’t want any accidents.  You can leave that stuff at the front desk or in the other room. Now as you can see….”

That’s kind of where I zoned out and was struck with the number of CDs and all the technical stuff. Mark continued on with what to say at mic breaks and when to play ads…the works of being a DJ. He was showing us the transmitter and telling us what to check to make sure we were broadcasting.  We all had crouched down to get a better look.

That’s when I heard a weird noise…like water spilling or something. I felt a something on my leg.  No, it’s not what you think. I didn’t wet myself. the bottle of water was in my pocket, and when I crouched it began to spill on the carpet, leaving a decently sized wet spot. Luckily I was in the back of the group. I quickly took it out of my pocket and tightened the lid and put it back. I didn’t know what was going to happen so when we stood up, I stood on the spot so no one would see it.

“And once again, please no food and drinks in the studio. Spilling water anywhere is a huge risk…a risk that none of you want to take,” muttered Mark as he rose up from the transmitter.

He waved for us to move as the rest of the group stood. I stepped off of the water stain and began to follow the group. Mark approached the door and came to a halt. He stared down at the floor and stared into the water stain. He then looked over at me and give me a quick smirk. He pushed the door open and continued to take us on the station tour.

That was my first day in the station and it could have been a disaster. However, as long as I don’t keep my spilling my water bottle, I think I’ll fit in here. I’ll be back next week with more from KDSK, 91. 1 FM.

-Eddie, DJ New Guy