Lawrence Field Day Fest: Friday Preview

Lawrence Field Day Fest begins on Thursday, and there are STILL plenty of acts to cover before the madness begins. Wanting to go but don’t recognize a few names? Having a hard time creating a schedule of where to go and when? KJHK has you covered.

From Monday through Thursday, KJHK will be releasing a preview guide for every night of LFDF. We will give you the breakdown of who will be featured at The Bottleneck, Replay Lounge, The Jackpot, and the Eighth Street Taproom.

Today’s guide will preview the four venues for Friday night. Feel free to read our Thursday preview and check back in tomorrow for a preview of Saturday night.

Friday, June 26th

Bottleneck Stage: ALL AGES

Drew Black and Dirty Electric (8 PM)Drew Black and Dirty Electrics
Drew Black and Dirty Electric originally started as a solo project in 2012 before turning into a four piece. The group is a heavy glam rock band with a sound that can only be described by a quote from themselves. “The music stimulates and drives with a Queens of the Stone Age-like intensity, tinged with a Bowie-esque sexuality from Black’s lyrical delivery, sparing guitar licks, a distorted atmospheric sound, and compelling rhythmic patterns.” Photo Link.


Captiva bandCaptiva (9 PM)
This four piece outfit from Kansas City spreads their love through their positive funk-rock vibes. The band has recently performed at SXSW, Middle of the Map Fest, and are going to embark on a regional tour in 2015. Before you see them live, check out their dope Live @ KJHK session. Photo Link.


Admiral of the Red (10 PM)Admiral of the Red
This four piece band hails from Kansas City and is all about the combination of blues with garage rock. They have recently released a single, titled “Footbeats,” and have an EP from 2013. This band plays several gigs in the KC and Lawrence, and you will certainly be able to catch this group again in the near future. Photo Link.


Josh Berwanger BandJosh Berwanger Band (11 PM)
Josh Berwanger Band is an act is a well-known, established group in the Northeast Kansas area. Josh and crew are extremely fun, talented, and loud. They also have a Live @ KJHK appearance that you can check out for a sneak peek. Josh Berwanger Band has a habit of making sure you have a great time at their shows. Photo Link.


Red Kate
Photo Credit: Brock Hildebrandt

Red Kate (12 AM)
Red Kate has been a veteran band in the LFK scene since 2007. The band is known for its heavy sound and “party hard” mentality.This punk group also plays a memorable inventory of songs, including “New Dreams” and “Pink Sweater.” Red Kate will be an extremely fitting act to close the night at the Bottleneck.


Replay Stage: 21+

Sona bandSona (9 PM)
Sona is a three piece shoegaze group formed by husband and wife Brian and Jenna Goodman and drummer Bobby Reeves. Taking influence from the major shoegaze groups of the 90s with just a touch of 80s post-punk to create a unique atmospheric sound. They released their first EP in 2011 and have been active on the local scene for quite a few years now. Photo Link.
Crystal Baller (10 PM)Crystal Ballers band
Taking their name from the Third Eye Blind song of the same name, Kansas City’s Crystal Baller formed on Halloween in 2014 with only one mission, to rock. Crystal Baller take their main influence from 90s bands like the aforementioned Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World and Nirvana alongside such classic rock legends as The Who and Led Zeppelin. Crystal Baller aren’t interested in labels, they just want to go out and do what they do best. Play the best show possible. Photo Link.



Something and the WhateversSomething and the Whatevers (11 PM)
Born out of the ashes of 2011 Farmer’s Ball winners Panda Circus, Something and the Whatevers are self-described as “nerdy drum machine punk from Lawrence, KS,” and that seems to be a fitting description. Something and the Whatevers combined the harcdore energy of bands like Big Black with the sarcastic humor of bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad. Their shows are always a fun, can’t miss event. Photo Link.



Sister Rat Band
Photo Credit: Angie Schoenherr

Sister Rat (12 AM)
Sister Rat are a No Wave trio from Lawrence, Kansas formed in 2011. Their music can best be described as abrasive in the best way possible that takes influence from everything from punk to krautrock. Sister Rat represents the intelligent fringe of music and are perfect for those that like their music a little more experimental.



Sedlec OssuarySedlec Ossuary (1 AM)
Rejoice all of you Malicious Intent listeners out there, Sedlec Ossuary are here to meet all of your technical death metal needs. Formed in December of 2008 in Topeka, Kansas, Sedlec Ossuary have been making a name for themselves with the recent release of their first EP “HARSH BARGE.” Sedlec Ossuary are sure to bring the noise for all of the local metal fans out there. Photo Link.




Jackpot Stage: ALL AGES

Nicholas St. James (8 PM)Nicholas St. James
Singer-songwriter Nicholas St. James has been performing his brand of folk since 2013. The St. Louis native has found a musical home in Lawrence, KS where he is known for his raw and emotional vocals and impressive guitar playing. If you are interested in a unique take on today’s americana, check out Nicholas St. James. Photo Link.



Arc FlashArc Flash (9 PM)
Arc Flash is a garage rock trio with a large dose of fuzz. Time travel and flamethrowers are their main pursuit, but, while they seek their goals, producing their sound in the most entertaining ways will do. These guys know how to pack a show with standard garage distortion and taking it to the next level.



David George & A Crooked Mile (10 PM)David George and A Crooked Mile
David George & A Crooked Mile are a harmonizing five piece folk group out of KC. David George, the frontman, has had quite the musical career leading up to this traditional americana group. They have played festivals all over the Midwest and have shared stages with musicians such as Jacob Dylan and The Lumineers.  Photo Link.



Electric LungsThe Electric Lungs (11 PM)
Pop punk band, The Electric Lungs, may be hard to describe. Their eccentric brand of pop punk borders folk punk, indie rock, and power pop. As describe by Zach Hodson of Deli KC, “In the end, you end up with something punky, something rockabilly, something proggy, sort of like Yes and Black Flag sharing a Bloody Mary at Brian Setzer’s wine mixer.” They were founded in Kansas City in 2012. Photo Link.



The Sluts (12 AM)The Sluts
The Sluts are a garage punk duo from the one and only Lawrence Kansas. Their recently released self-titled LP features classic garage fuzz with added grungy aspects. One thing’s for sure, they will be a great end to an even better night of local jams. Photo Link.


Taproom Stage: 21+

Wild Eye (9 PM)
Wild Eye is the psychedelic folk alter ego of No Cave’s Ross Williams.  With just an acoustic guitar and a few looping pedals, Williams crafts lush, hypnotic soundscapes that provide the perfect cushion for his gorgeous, soaring vocals. His debut EP “Wild Lies” was released this past February, just in time for his trek down to Austin as part of this year’s Midcoast Takeover.



The Mad KingsMad Kings (10 PM)
It’s possible that no Lawrence band better exemplifies that wrong-side-of-the-river vibe than Mad Kings. Active since 2011, they’ve recently started to pick up steam, and their brand of boogie-woogie blues rock has become a staple at Frank’s North Star Tavern. Although they’ve yet to release an album, they report that they’re currently hard at work in the studio, so keep your ears peeled. Photo Link.


David Hasselhoff On Acid (11 PM)David Hasselhoff on Acid
Formed in 2006, DHOA dish out  experimental, progressive, aggressive funk that has set the standard for local instrumental acts for almost a decade. They regularly tour throughout the Midwest, from Colorado to Texas to Illinois, and have opened for such illustrious acts as Animals As Leaders and Dillinger Escape Plan. Kings of the “work hard, play hard” ethos, expect top-shelf musicianship and plenty of well whiskey when these Kansas City rockers take the stage. Photo Link.


No Cave bandNo Cave (12 AM)
No Cave is a three piece psych rock band from Lawrence, KS. They have distinct krautrock influences with their extended jams and trippy vocals. They recently released their first EP, Eyes Brighter Than the Sun, at the beginning of 2015. They also have a frenetic Live @ KJHK session that will shake your brain. They’ve been getting quite the attention in this little town of ours and will continue to impress at LFDF.



These posts were created in unison by KJHK writers Rachel Bennett, Quinton Cheney, Mason Kilpatrick, and Jake Waters. Huge thanks to all of those who helped contribute to the post.

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